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My journey to help the millions of people who suffer while hearing voices has led me to leadership roles within major nonprofits in the hearing voices space, including Board and Executive Committee roles within Hearing Voices Network USA, iSPS-US, Hearing Voices Network NYC, and New York City Peer Workforce Coalition. Through our work, we have built communities where voice-hearers share support and strategies for our situation. We also move the needle against the discrimination towards hearing voices.

Hundreds of millions of people have gone through hearing voices. Sadly, almost none of their strategies for navigating the challenge have been written down. I am proud to support the voice of experts-by-experience through my advisory role to the Yale Cope Project, through Webinars, and through constant efforts to unite our community.

Everyone’s voice-hearing experiences are unique, but there are some common patterns. After standardizing my own experience, facilitating groups, and working with community advocates, academics, and providers, I finally developed Life with Voices: A Guide for Harmony. The core lessons are available for free on Youtube, so that everyone can gain the foundations that they need to have a happy life while hearing voices.

If you want personalized help in navigating your voices, I am available. The main offerings for individuals are coaching sessions on dealing with conflict voices, building a voice ecosystem, managing your voice belief structure, and maintaining your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. I also help family members to better understand and support loved ones going through the experience, and am available for professional workshops to present my experience to institutions and organizations. I look forward to working with you.

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“The workshops I’ve taken with Dmitriy have transformed my understanding of what it means to experience voices and visions. He offers practical tools grounded in a compassionate and empowering framework. Dmitriy is a huge asset to mental health consumers seeking assistance outside of the biomedical model.”


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