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Dmitriy expertly uses his years of lived experience to provide people with the right tools and strategies to live happy, productive lives.
I highly recommend his consultation and institutional trainings.

Marie Brown



Defend Against Hostile Voices

Learn defensive fundamentals to prevent hostile voices from forcing your attention, causing psychological distress, using threatening abilities, or creating a feeling that you are not in control of your own mind and body.

Voices Ecosystem 1

Build an Ecosystem

Voices do not have to be a negative experience. Create harmony and build an ecosystem where you talk only to voices that you like, on topics that you enjoy, and only when you are not busy.

Manage your Beliefs

Information from voices can create confusion and hurt your life. Learn how to sort through your beliefs, and manage the flood of choices that come with hearing voices.

Your Community

The damage from hearing voices can extend into your loved ones and community. Learn the techniques to better explain to those around you what is happening, and how your community can help your situation.

Voices Families Final

For Families

Insight and perspective are just as important for those helping voice-hearers. I am happy to connect and to help you better understand the experience and how you can be supportive.


My workshops share both lived experience perspectives and concrete strategies, which come from a decade of standardizing tools, facilitating groups, and supporting the community.

Let’s see where it goes

You may have a lot of different questions, and want the flexibility to move our session between topics as needed. That works for me too.

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Voices Can Be Influenced

The strategies in this toolkit have won high praise from those with lived experience, and also from their family members, from academics, and from medical providers. Learn how to avoid confusing beliefs, defeat hostile voices, and create a voice ecosystem with rules and positivity.

Featured Testimonial

“The workshops I’ve taken with Dmitriy have transformed my understanding of what it means to experience voices and visions. He offers practical tools grounded in a compassionate and empowering framework. Dmitriy is a huge asset to mental health consumers seeking assistance outside of the biomedical model.”


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