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This chat helps people. If you are looking to troll, or pick a fight, I deeply ask you to do it elsewhere. Your choices here can have intense consequences, and I will have to take down the entire forum rather than risk anyone’s health.”

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Mixed: psychic, spiritual, alien contact?  

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I don't know if this applies to you, but in my experience I:

Hi All,

I’m a voice- hearer who interprets the good, bad, and anything in between as being a mix of spiritual, psychic, technological, and even alien (!) in influence. I have been helped by the knowledge that I CAN cultivate a healthy relationship and environment with my voices- I don’t have to be scared or angry with them all the time. I can embrace the helpful voices and assuage the fears of the more ambivalent voices as well as weed out the voices that do not belong in my ecosystem. 

Voices and visions can be helpful as I interpret myself, my life, my relationships, etc. I am thankful for the deep connection to my soul I feel when a voice reminds me why I’m human and what it’s like to be fully me.  I especially have connected to my voices through music lately. 

Thank you for this forum and all that you do for HVN, Dmitriy. 

Posted : 14/07/2020 4:08 am

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“The workshops I’ve taken with Dmitriy have transformed my understanding of what it means to experience voices and visions. He offers practical tools grounded in a compassionate and empowering framework. Dmitriy is a huge asset to mental health consumers seeking assistance outside of the biomedical model.”


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