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Accept ALL Voices: The panacea to harmony with hostile voices  


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14/07/2020 11:36 am  

I don't know if this applies to you, but in my experience I:

One of the most difficult challenges I faced when beginning the journey of creating a "life with voices was accepting All my voices. The mean often cruel, overpowering, dominant and constantly at war with me voices. It seemed like too big of a risk to let go of trying to fight the hostility and start to accept that even these distressing voices would quite possibly be a part of my life. After ending the tug of war I was in trying to eradicate those voices I slowly started to see there was much more to my hostile voices than met the eye. Suddenly being called vulgar names was a voice saying they knew how I felt about myself deep inside and maybe I needed to hear how ridiculous that really was. Voices that told me to jump out of moving cars were warning me something in my life was spinning out of control and it was an obnoxious way to get my attention. Hearing a baby or my mom cry was a voices plea to honor my inner child and do something soothing or playful, reclaim my innocence lost in my chronological childhood. Voices telling me to strike out at someone in the middle of a conversation were sometimes recognizing my anxiety in connection or other times showing me that I feared showing emotion and anger in a healthy way because I spent so many years growing up with my anger invalidated or said to be not real. Unexpressed anger I have learned through my own path and also the people I meet in my work as a peer specialist very often shows itself in violent and taboo forms. I won't try to distort the truth. Beginning this work was one of the scariest experiences of my life. It took years to feel firmly rooted in my ability to "live with voices' and I still go through days and sometimes weeks where I feel at the mercy of my voices. The power of giving voice (pun intended) to ALL voices has been my panacea. How do you deal with hostile voices?


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